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Competent guidance on points of law and in legal affairs of all kinds.

The German cabinet has ratified the submitted draft for a new landlord-tenant legislation. Legal proceedings have now started to define the issues to be addressed. What will remain of the original draft is anyone’s guess. The draft stipulates four distinct regulatory provisions: the energetic modernization of buildings, the promotion of energy contracting, combating "nomad tenants" and squatters, and better eviction protection for tenants of landlords seeking to convert their rental properties into owner-occupied housing.

Employment law

We can examine your employment contract and help you understand your rights. With adequate cause of action, we will support you in claims against unjust termination, and in matters of gender, racial, religious, or LGBT equality, or workplace bullying.

Family law

We offer discreet services in all matters of family law, including such sensitive concerns as legal guardianship, fosterage, and ad litem guardianship.

Landlord-tenant law

Matters frequently requiring our attention here include rents, grounds for rent abatement, habitability violations, and eviction protection.


Postings about work in social media networks such as Facebook that the poster’s employer deems are overly critical are not always adequate grounds for immediate dismissal.

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